Monday, 30 January 2017

January 28th 2017

Welcome to another great tropical day of flying. The field is looking in great shape.  Wish i could say that about our mower... The little rain we have had has greened things up nicely. Now the endless mowing begins... 

A good crowd began to arrive early to beat the heat and the afternoon breeze.. 

Barrie's hanger unfolded... A lucky flight with the glider when all signal was lost only to see the glider smoothly circling and slowly descending finally coming to rest without any damage. Wow Barrie you really do know people in high places..  

Anthony was noticed in the pilots box with a strange looking aerial on his transmitter. Looking a little closer we could see that he was just being a bit of a prude. He didn't quiet like the amount of sun he was under.. Is it time for tea and scones..

Finally willing to risk a bit of sun burn Anthony gave his Pc9 a good flogging.

The Trojan had a few flights but suffered from a very sick engine. It appears the front bearing has had better days.

Soon followed with his 35cc Sbach..

Continuing with his ever reliable foamy cub.

Finally some adventurous foamy flying. 


Curtis began with his extra 300

His mustang proved a little tricky on take off but once that was sorted it flew fantastically. 
Looks real good in the sky

Following on from his miraculous glider flight Barrie put his S.E.A.5 through its paces.

A little adjustments to his raven prior to first flight.

Nice looking Aeroplane.

Newly crowned Silver badge holder "Geezer" was quick to get his classic sport 40 up and flying.

Didn't take long before he started to get bigger and better targets.
Here prior to its maiden flight is Geezars new 60 size Boomerang sporting a nice Saito 82 four stroke.
Flys very nice. Just a little trimming to do now.

Why Wait..... Geeza with his new purchase. Just try and wipe that smile off his face....
AAH the smell of burning Kero.

Capt Jack was out in force..

Holding the baby Sbach of the fleet didn't mean anything once Jack gets it in the air.

Billy getting ready to put his 60cc Sbach through its paces.

Again stunning everyone i actually got an aircraft ready to take flying.

Unfortunately the Pitts didn't like being left in the hot trailer all week or being out in the sun. Anthony where is your umbrella. The fuel tank had a hemerage and split leaking its full load of fuel into the airframe. Oh well there is always next week...

James AKA mister Spectrum was having some fun with his pits.

Finally plucking up the courage to give his newly renovated Falcon a fly.

The take off was fine except for a broken right main leg hanging by its wiring. Lucky it only gave way after the aircraft had left the ground... This meant the landing was always going to end in tears...
After considering all options James decided to make a low, slow run and nose it into the long grass at the end of the strip.. All went well but as for these very secret and uncensored photos show...
Damage to the fuselage and left wing... Lucky he has a spare airframe so rebuild here we come..

Here we have the answer to the Roulettes with a team of Sbachy drivers trying to muscle in on their territory.  

Another great day flying and we hope there is a lot more to come. We had the pleasure of a couple of new members arrive today and are getting forms filled out ready to join the kaios oops i mean the fun at CMAC.. Great to see and a very big welcome aboard..

Don't for get to support our now weekly sausage sizzle. It all helps keep that grass monster on the field..

See you all next week....

Monday, 23 January 2017

January 21st 2017

Welcome everyone to 2017.   The club is travelling in a great direction and i hope that, with a little bit of effort, we can move forward with our planned growth of the club. Permanent shade and a Hut/Container is on the cards for this year. 
I will try to keep the weekly Blogs up to date this year. Fingers Crossed..

With all the rain we have recently had the field is looking nice and green. Trouble with that is the weeds and the grass grow that quick that we have to spend a lot of time mowing and clipping to keep it up to scratch. Well done to all of those members who have and continue to share their time. 
What a great View...

Today is a typical FNQ day. Bloody hot and Bloody Humid...

Doesn't stop the die hard flier though. 

Getting set up for a great day flying. No wind so thats good in a way but bad for the heat.

Anthony displaying his nice new Twin Cylinder Cub. They say he loves it so much he sleeps with it.. 
Told you that they are keen..

Next out for Anthony was his 35cc Sbach.. It flew great and as usual he gave it a thrashing.

Bryan arrived with this new mix master..

Over Christmas Bryan was busy building this Auto copter Gyro thingy. 
He has built them before and say's they fly well.
We will soon see after its maiden flight this morning.. 

Barry arrived and opened the hanger doors and brought out his big glider.

Very quickly followed by the boss of the air "Lord"  say no more...

I even managed to get out of the chair and had the tiger do its thing...

The day was filled with a smiling GEEZA as he displayed his newly acquired Falcon 120 V5
fitted with the JetAce kero start turbine. We have to relabel the plane and change the signs from spider to Geeza.. 
Steve A.K.A. Geeza is now an official new club member. 
I think with his passion for everything big and load we are going to see some great action from the geeza in the future.  Well done and welcome Geeza..

Curtis was flying his ever reliable Extra 300

Even shook the dust of the Trex.

Billy (better known as Captain Grumpy) had his on board starter EME60cc Sbach ready for 
a flogging.

Looking very nice and flew just as good.

James has got his Beast Pitts mastered now and is enjoying the flying.

Being a great day for the jets James did a little taxi testing on his falcon ready for next weeks flying.
(Is he being sponsored by Spectrum or something)

Dennis readies his falcon for the first flight this year.

There is that lovely smell of burning kero again.. Where is the geeza. He will be sniffing the air 

The flight went really well except the left main wheel departed the aircraft on take off. A wheels up landing into the plush undergrowth saved the falcon from any damage..

Here are a couple of photos of Dennis's Twin Saito driven Mosquito

Following about 12 months of procrastination it finally took to the sky last week on its maiden flight.
All was going extremely well until the starboard engine stopped ( we think it may had run out of juice) a hasty landing approach was made and on turning onto finals the thing tip stalled and plummeted nose down into the extremely long grass. After an exhaustive search it could not be found.

More searching this week with vehicles being used to make there way through the long snake infested grass.

Wow that camo really does work..

Maybe to well as the plane was driven over a couple of times before being spotted. 
Luckily the engines, servos and receiver all seem to be okay.
Commiserations Dennis.

Just a note of caution to all those out at the field at the moment.  We all know that our field is located in an area known as Taipan Alley and here is a little proof.

3 of these wonderful unwanted guests we found using our strip as a sidewalk.. There is a first aid kit hanging from the windsock Post with some compression bandages in it to be used in an emergency if there is a snake bite. Please be aware and take precautions when walking around in any of the surrounding areas..

Looking forward to a great year. Please come and support our weekly sausage sizzle and enjoy the day flying.. Hope to see you all out at the field soon..