Saturday, 16 January 2016

16 January 2016

With the strip and carpark freshly mowed it was down to business early on another blistering hot day.
Hard to beat Barry to the field but a few of us are starting to wake up to the benefits of the 10am start and setup.

Barry showing his home built delta wing that he has made to test the concept.
He has plans to build a much larger one if this is successful.

After a little rebalancing and a bit of fiddling it flew great. I can't wait to see the big one built and flying.


A few more aircraft from barry's hanger.

Half way through a flight the film decided to part company with the tail fin. As per usual it was back to the pits and following a bit of the magic tape it was back in the air.

James had his mini Long Ezy out and flying.

They are a great sight to see flying.

James "B" getting the P47 ready

The P47 is still great to see in the air. Come on James when are we going to see the Trojan....

Good to see Greg out again. Having some early engine troubles with the MSX-R  so
it was back to the old faithful.

After giving his home built rocket a flogging I think all was forgiven.

Smiling like a Cheshire Cat Billy"E" is sooo happy with his 60cc Sbach.
Hard to tell isn't it.

Billy loves the way it flys. So easy to put it where you want it to go. I think we will be seeing a lot of this one in the sky.

Good Grief.. What's that in your hand Prez. (must be hot weather)

Enough sitting around. Anthony had his Aquila out and flying and boy does this thing motor.
After a few high speed flights the exhaust extension decide to brake bringing the fun to an abrupt end.

So out come the mini P47. Dam thing is just a rocket to.

Anthony's Pc9 ready for some Roulette action.

I couldn't think of any more bullshit as a reason why I haven't flown the Pits. So it was time to get it out of the trailer and dust it off.

The kit is only meant for a 50 cc but I managed to shoe horn a DLE 60 twin into it. After a bit of engineering I managed to build a bracket to hold the electric start. Works a treat. With all the extra weight in the nose it is very necessary that the landings be pretty smooth or the thing might break in half. A tough call for me and my flying. hehehe

Yep and I actually flew it a few times. Still trying to get it trimmed to my liking but it flys great.Just after the last landing it decided to bounce back into the sky and broke of the undercarriage in typical balsa wood fashion. A good bit of ply is in order so it wont be long before its ready to fly again.  

Bob was ready to get some flying in first with his Australian, no ah British Pc9.

His Super Cub was sheading fuel into the fuselage so I guess it was just voicing its complaint of
sitting inside for so long.. A bit of maintenance and all will be forgiven.

Captain Jack was getting ready for his maiden flight of the new boomerang.
It was proving a bit harder to do with the new Super Tiger engine playing hard to tune. So it was
back to his faithful Pc9 for some great flying.

Dennis leading the way with his Yak in tow. He sure is getting good on the sticks now.
I think it might be time we saw some jets or Germans.....

Well here is a great reminder about the dangers of Lipo Batteries.
Barry was charging the receiver battery in his van when we heard a bang and the sounds of a sky rocket. The Lipo had just decided to self destruct and shot off the charger and luckily out of the van and onto the ground in a flaming mess. lucky not to set fire to anything other than the grass.
The battery was not puffy or showing any signs of damage or wear. Just goes to show you how careful we must be whilst charging and storing these Lipo batteries. Always charge them inside a flame proof bag and store then in a flame proof container. Having them inside you house is not a smart idea.

That's it for another week of flying. Don't forget about the 13th February. This is the date of our WW1 and 2 aircraft flying day. If you have a war bird get it ready for a fighting flying date in feb.
Hope to see as many as we can get.
Just as a last note. Please take care if you are off the cut parts of the field as there are a lot of snakes in the area.

See you all next week. Hope the weather is kind to us...

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