Sunday, 31 January 2016

30 January 2016

Another great day in paradise. 34 degrees and 90% humidity. Perfect day to be in the pool.
The people that fly model aircraft must think a bit different as we had a great turn out today.
Luckily we had a northerly breeze of about 15 knots all day. Not so great for flying but good to keep us a little cooler.

The shade was well sort after to get things ready.

This shot was from last weeks flying. Barry had his new Long-Ezy ready for another fly. This time he had fitted a newly purchased larger motor in it. After some great flying the plane lost all power only to land safely. That was when Barry noticed the smoke coming from inside the cockpit. A rushed cowl removal revealed a fried motor and sizzling ESC. Dam faulty stuff. It lives to fly another day all be it with a different electrical system in it.

Barrys hanger doors opened up and out came his sweet looking  Ryan.

Along with the very consistent "Almighty"
Seems he has a helping hand with his flying......

It seems that Barry still had some time on his hands and managed to put together this little gem.

It actually flew well except it is in need of a larger tail to make it a little less drastic on the turns.
Well done Barry. I hope you can inspire us to build a few ourselves.

Greg got his new Raven ready for a maiden flight. Wow what a striking looking aircraft.

The Raven is fitted out with Greg's old but faithful OS200. After a little adjusting it flew perfectly. It sure looked great up against the blue sky. Looking forward to see it flying each week.

After a dead stick landing last week ended in a broken front retract, a bit of work and a new replacement meant the Pc9 was ready to go again. This week flying great. Still a little engine adjusting to sort out but that shouldn't take long.

Billy was out and flying his 60cc Sbach. After about 5 minutes of flying the engine stopped and a quick landing was made. Following a bit of investigation the main fuel line in the tank was found to have split and fallen off the feed pipe. A quick fix and it is ready to go again.

Ivan decided to come along and join us for some flying.

He bought along an elec and nitro aircraft to put through their paces.
Nice to have you onboard Ivan.

Curtis readying his Extra.

Anthony has repaired his wing after the covering decided to part away from the frame.
After a bit of flying a loud bang was heard and we thought it must have imploded however after a dead stick landing the prop was found with a blade broken off.
No Anthony you can't glue it back.......

Dennis is continuing to have fun with his Yak.

And likewise James had his ever reliable P47.

It was great to see Turk back following his 9 week tour of duty over seas. We are happy to report that he brought back the coveted title of international Karaoke champion. Something we are all, I am sure, very proud and very envious of. Well done Turk

With his multi tasking talents he had his flybaby and his battered boomerang ready for air dominance.

Gary was a little nervous watching Capt jack fly so he did what we all wont to do. Hit the bottle of comfort. Jack actually is flying extremely well and we all think it is time to step up to the 50cc range. OOps sorry Gary that means more bottle fed comforting required.

It was really great to see the pilots box continually filling with pilots. A great day even thought it was a dam hot one.

Russell must have known about the esky and came out to see what all the fuss was about. Great to see you back Russell. And then the day slowly saw people sitting and rehydrating.

Another great day at the field.

Just a quick reminder that the warbirds day is now on the 20th Feb. Hope you are all getting those warbirds ready for action.

See you all next week...

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