Saturday, 26 July 2014


Welcome to our new home on Mill road Edmonton.

Our first day was spent testing were to place the main runway and cross strip and also were to put the pits and pilot box. With the purchase of our new mower we are now able to get started on a bit of ground work. Thanks to Bob and James we got a good start on the runways. Oh' and our Prez looked the part on the mower as well.

Bob learning to tame the new beast.
James taking on the toro and getting good results.

We hope to have the barriers, Pits and flight box marked out and setup for next Saturday.

The wind wasn't to kind today but I think we may have to get used to it as we are in a large open area.

Thanks to everyone who turned up today. I think the club is in a great place now and I am sure we are all looking forward to some good flying. It will be great to see all the aircraft back up in the air. Hopefully the return of the Jets and warbirds as well.

A friendly reminder to those yet to pay the 2014/15 membership fees. We will need to have all paid soon for our insurance to be valid.

The Club would like to congratulate our Secretary Greg Wood for his great and invaluable 15 years of service. We hope the Gift Voucher helps you stay in the position for another 15 years.

Looking forward to some good aircraft photos and some action shots for next weeks news letter.