Monday, 17 November 2014


A very quiet day today with only a few hardy members venturing out to fly. The wind was pretty calm and the temperature was on the rise.


The first and most important thing on today's agenda is to send a big wish from all the club members for a very speedy return to good health to Graeme toune. With yet another speed hump in the road to his recovery we all send our best wish's and can't wait to see you back out at the field real soon. Besides.. You must be getting tired of all that attention from all those nurses....


Our favourite bar member Curtis was out to tackle the set up on his new 500 chopper and get his extra into the air. I think both were successful.

As usual James flew that bloody Edge and again had no problems.
 That sure must be getting boring...

Rob was out for a bit of relaxing flying which eventually turned out to be a bit of a frustration instead. After a great first flight the engine was doing a few odd things and Rob wisely chose to 
land. Once the throttle was pulled back to idle the engine quit and after much testing later on it seams its quit forever. A possible bent crank has brought the 36 cc teradacle to be used as a future door stop.
Who talked you into buying one of those. Hehehehe

The flight line looking pretty sparse.

Dennis had a fly of his Pc9 only to have a dead stick which left his Roulette with a bit of a dirty nose. Bring out that epoxy.....

We were lucky enough to have some visitors from England who came for a look at our field. Unfortunately for them it was such a quiet day. Peter and Margret came along to see what the Aussies were up to. They have been in Australia for about a month and drove up from Sydney. That was a great effort and a big drive. They stopped at all the right places on the way up so managed to see the worst of Australia before they got to the best part. Cairns. Peter fly's in a club back home and i think it was in Somserset. I hope i got that right. Their club fly's from an old WW2 runnway.
(Lucky Buggers) 
We tried hard to convince his wife Margret that he needed more aircraft. The old saying being, He who has the most toys when we leave this earth wins... Hope that helps you Peter. You need to put those .40 size aircraft away and get on with the petrol ones. 
Anyway they where heading back home so we wish you both safe travels and hopefully we can have the pleasure of  seeing you again.  

As per usual the religious de-brief of the days affairs was still held and as you can see a bit of a smaller gathering today but always a good one.

Hope to see you all this weekend.    And again....... 
Good luck Graeme. Our thoughts are with you........ 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Another quiet day at the field. The wind, for the most part, has been okay. We started off finishing the netting around the flight Box and all is looking good . A bit of rain will help to settle the dust down and hopefully get the grass to start growing. Not a big crowd today as many had other things on their plate for this weekend.

Billy started of the day with his huge spitfire. You sure have tamed that beast.

The Cap was out next but there seamed to be a few gremlins in the electrics and with a few bad connections being a possible cause of the erratic control behavior.
Billy thought it better to put it back in the hanger for today.
Wise move. I wish i had taken your idea.  

It was time to get my new Sbach 300 with EME60 and electric start into the air.

In the skilled hands of Jesse, its maiden flight was carried out without any problems at all.It flew well with very little trimming to be done. James had a quick turn at the sticks and was happy with its tame flying characteristics. This all preceded a silky smooth landing by Jesse. 

After a refuel and a few turns on the rudder cables to re tension them, it was time for my first flight.All went extremely well until after 5 minutes of flying, i was carrying out a few approaches, and all of a sudden the aircraft pitched nose up and continue to do a roll and headed straight for the deck. I had a complete lock out of all controls.
 The result of course is.......

Total destruction.

After surveying the wreck and piecing everything together nothing obvious could be found. 
Plugging the receiver back in brought everything back to life. 
Only possible explanation was a lead had come loose or unplugged or the 
receiver was placed to close to the steel rudder cables which cause the interference.
Or may just the good old UFO invasion theory.
That makes it 2 new aircraft in a row that have not lasted long.
Maybe i should take up lawn bowls......

I didn't even have any luck with my Pc9 as i found a few  millimeters missing from each prop tip.
The result from last weeks dead stick landing.
Can i have a fly of your plane. I will look after it..Honest.

Dennis was out with his Pc9 and had it flying like a pro.
Show Off...

As per usual, James had his Edge out and flew effortlessly.  


Finally, Michael had his well used and pieced together 
Katana out for another fly.This week he strapped a video camera to the left hand main strut. Some very interesting footage is available of the flight. All be it a bit stomach
churning. Well done Michael..
Hey what is the JR plug and cable doing hanging
out from underneath the tail. Spare parts. Hehehe
Get him to you show you his video...

 Sorry if i left anyone out of the blog. I don't think my mind was on the job this week......

AHHH WELL .. hopefully a better day next week........

Saturday, 1 November 2014

01 November 2014

Welcome back..... After a 2 week lay off due to the winds of cyclone Edmonton the weather seams to be settling down and we can get back to a bit of flying. First thing was to finish the repair of the all the barrier fencing. With the purchase of some new netting the day started with all hands on deck to get it all installed.


          The Barriers are taking shape.

Great job.. It is starting to look good. Just need some grass and some rain...



Jesse started early choosing to settup in the shade of his umbrella. 

His flight line included his extremely fast EDF jet and his ever reliable Sbach. 

Rob had a couple of great flights with his MSX-R but ended with the prop shearing off the   mounting bolts and lucky for him it was on the ground in the starting area. No harm done. Just 4 bolts to replace.

Trent had his resurrected pulse with its glad wrapped canopy. ( very innovative).
Flying very well Trent.

Bob getting his Pc9 ready for another Roulette display. Dennis and I were also ready with our Pc9's ready to put on a formation spectacle of ... Ahh... precision formation flying...... 
Well we were all in the air together and we all managed to landed (sort of) together and in the meaning of precision none of us managed to taxi back to the flight line. Now that's formation..........

Curtis lined up with his extra and his fat bodied elec chopper.

Now this was interesting... Curtis bought out his nitro chopper and strangely enough called it    "Start You Bastard" . An unusual name but very fitting as he could not get the thing to Start.. 

Dennis brought out the big guns with his FW 190. It flew fantastic and as soon as Dennis relaxed and stopped cutting "O"rings the flight was very impressive. Unfortunately it had a little OOpsie on landing and missed the start of the runway by a lousy 6 feet. The wheels grabbed for the long grass and weeds and brought it to a quick stop. Not much more than a bit of epoxy to fix it up. 
It sure has a great presence in the sky. Hope to see it back next week. 

 Anthony had a few toys out again with his trojan and Aquila getting a flogging.

The freshly repaired MSX-R was out and Anthony rung its neck as usual.

Jack flew his foamy like a pro informed us that he has just purchased a Pc9 in Roulette colours.
The CMAC roulettes are taking shape.....

James flew his edge with great ease. Time to see the jet or trojan out here James......

Michael, trying to find a nice looking side of his Katana to take the photo. Oh well it flys well and you sure show it no mercy.......

After a very tiring days work we had to end it with our normal flight line meeting with our very special friend only know as XXXX. 

The latest updated version of our clubs by-laws will be sent out by email to all members hopefully this week. See you all next saturday......