Thursday, 4 June 2015

30 & 31 May 2015


Following a disappointing past few weeks which claimed our beautiful runways and
pits we have been forced to once again move ourselves along.
Luckily this time we are just down the opposite end of the farm and now we
can start the mowing and setup again.
We are currently in negotiations with the Council thrashing out another
temporary field that we can have without interruption until our permanent field is
finally available for us. 
In the mean time the Club was invited to participate in the Cairns Big Boys Toys expo being held at the Cairns Show Grounds. We displayed a lot of static aircraft and had James's Jet running on a number of times which surely impressed the crowds.
Talking about crowds. Wow. It was bigger than we had expected and our display drew in an extremely large amount of interest. It was great to see all the public enjoying our creations.
The weather was very unkind on Saturday and it rained on and off all day. We had to bunch all the tables up in the middle of the Marque and strategically position all the aircraft on them.
It didn't seam to dampen the crowds enthusiasm. Luckily the rain stayed away on Sunday.
The sound of the screaming turbine had people flock in to see what all the noise was about. 
The raffles for the Quad Copters was a real hit. Here are the lucky winners being given their
winnings by the Prez Anthony.

The Weekend was a great success for us and gave our club a great deal of exposure. Even the Council Members showed a keener than usual interest so hopefully that will lead to more help towards our ongoing plight for a permanent home.
Many thanks to all those who lent a helping hand over the weekend. It is great to see the club working together, its really making a difference.
Had to put in a photo of the mustangs.
Next week we are back to a bit of flying at Mills road (weather Permitting). We can then start to plan the next step in our quest for a permanent home.
Following the weekends interest i am sure we will have a few visitors out at the field to see what we are all about. Hope to see you all out on Saturday....