Saturday, 20 September 2014


An early start to the day to see if we could beat the wind and at last success........For a while anyway it was as calm as a mill pond until it started to build a little after 1pm. It was not as gusty as it has been so a pleasant change for us all.

 There is a lot of members away today but still had a good turnout.

Trent bought along his trainer and the pulse he is resurrecting.

He also has adapted a servo release to his trainer in an ambitious effort to air launch a tiny electric aircraft he plans to hang from underneath.

You can just make out the little aircraft slung under the fuselage. It was a bit of a "back to the drawing board" moment as it snapped the tail off the little foamy in the first 10 feet of taxiing. Ohh well good try trent.

Rob's MXS-R looking good and ready to go.

  Great to see you back out at the field Rob. Here he is getting ready to fly.Gathering those rampant stomach moths and trying to turn them into butterflies. Well, happy to report that his first flight was a ripper. After a few circuits to get the thumbs back in tune he finished with an absolute greaser of a landing. Well done. What was all the panic about. After he left the flight box i did, however, find a huge pile of newly laid "O"rings he had left there.

 Dennis getting his Yak ready. A few slight engine adjustments and it was in the bag. Another great entertaining flight Dennis. You have those thumbs sorted.

This pair were noted "gloating we think" over their great flights. Don't wear out that welcome back stuff Rob. It dosen't last that long. Hehehehe 

Steve was back with his Sbachy. Still flying like a pro. Damn i hate that.....

As you can see by the full pilots box. No one wanted to try and compete with Steve's flying.
Always great to watch Steve. That thing is a bullet with the EME60 on board.

Bob fully kitted out safety wise was ready to punish his Pitts.

Graeme getting in some solo work with the rest of the roulette's staggering their flight times. I had a few flights of my PC9 but a loose clunk in the fuel tank caused a few engine problems so it was put away in one piece this time instead of pieces..

The flight line soon filled up and was a pretty busy place all day.

A great sigh of relief came over the field as Curtis arrived. Is it you or your Refreshments esky that we are all so happy to see???? 

Curtis had a his usual flight line but i think engine troubles still plagued the extra.

 I had to leave early today so this photo was taken as they all sat around and waited for the bar to open. 
As you can see there was a lack of smiles and a lack of refreshments.

You could always go flying if you wanted something to fill in the time.

see you all next week..

Sunday, 14 September 2014


The day started out very promising with only a very slight breeze... But on cue the gusty cyclonic gails began...  Not to be deterred some of the more keen (crazy)flyers arrived to tackle the weather.

It was great to see the return of Steve flying his newly equipped Sbach with the EME 60. He has had a large work load this past year and had to also factor in the arrival of his new son Tommy.

                                                                                                                                                                           A very sleak machine....  

Steve looking so terrified with his first flight for over a year. Yer right.......There was a lot of quiet talk behind the scenes between all pilots firstly about how good it was to see steve's return. This quickly changed to bloody smart arse how long is he here for and that's it i am going to sell my stuff. Hehehe.. He flew with silky smoothness even in the wind. 
Well done steve and welcome back..

James started the day with his foamy electric powered glider and was doing well until the prop decided to bite him and leave him with 5 stitches to attend to.

After putting his glider away for the day he got out his trainer and up, up and

Down. All went well just that tricky wind on late finals..

                                 Trent was not fazed by the wind and continue to                                 
                                                                         Fly his trainer well.                                          

With one of our instructor away today (James Buttler) it was up to Greg to show the ropes to a new up and comer.

Billy threw caution and his Cap into the wind and had a great flight with a bit of trouble on the last few feet of the landing. Dam wind. Is that left wheel missing. Here comes some more epxoy.

The prez arrived for a quick lap with his trainer.

Billy and Anthony tackling the circuit.

Following a few unexpected, shall we say, challenging landings with his nitro powered aircraft Greg has been left to fly his Massive pitts as he contemplates what to build next.


                   All is going well
Who is that uninvited guest. Greg you are just not having a good year.

At least he managed to out maneuver the Hawk with no contact made.

Michael had a great flight even with the wind he managed to master his Katana. Well done you are flying great.

As the day progress it was good to see that Bob had taken our advice for last weeks safety infringement and with the great leadership of the other members he had donned his safety eye wear.

Can't ask for more than that. 

There wasn't a big attendance today but that didn't stop the flight box from filling up.
Theres that spy, Rob, back again. Come on Rob where is the MXS-R. I think the perfect treatment for a stress fractured foot is to do some time flying.

Bob, suitably kitted out with the safety glasses started the day with a few flights of his Pitts.

And then got airbourne with his RE.RE.RE.worked Pc9. Man you are getting some life out of that thing.

Finally it was my turn to see if i knew which way was up. I did have to confer with others to ensure i had the starter thingy on the spinner thingy correctly.

Much to everyone's amazement i did manage to get flying again.
(was that amazement or amusement)

See it does fly...

A quick check of the safety fluid replenishment kit and we were assured that it held the correct ingredients.  Again well done Anthony. Not sure what we can do about our other refreshments Officer. He thinks getting married and working are more important.

Ahhhh with a small turnout today it meant we had ..........more shade.......

See you all next week..

Sunday, 7 September 2014


              A great turnout at the field today ready for a great days flying. The wind was calm at first but but shortly after lunch it started to pick up and luckily stayed below gale force for a change.

The field needed a bit of a work. Some raking and levelling so we were lucky to be able to get in a local named "Bubba" to do the grunt work  for us. He was happy and worked for a few peanuts!!!!!

After the hired help had finished work, James was quick to get in the air with his edge.

Anthony brought out his new secret weapon ( The new 60 size Boomerang) just to steady the nervous after a great save of the near disasterous  maiden flight of his Wilga the other week. He also had his foam Trojan out for a bit of a fly.

Dennis flew his Yak but soon discovered that he had not used enough epoxy on the undercarriage after ripping them off last week. I think epoxy should be measure in kilo's not grams...


Billy had another successful flight of his Cap. She is still flying well so don't retire it yet.

After my many discouraging crashes lately (none of which could possibly be classed as my fault) i decided to go back to basics and get a bit of flying done with the new nitro Pc9

Following a successful shake down maiden flight by our instructor James it was my turn to see if i still knew what control did what. And what do you know it fly's.

Graeme and Bob trying to coax some life into Graeme's Pc9

The field looked like something from a RAAF open day with the Roulettes gracing our strip. They put on a good show with some outstanding formation flying. Well they were all up in the air at the same time..... Got to start somewhere..

James flew well again with his trainer.

James gave Jack some help getting his foam Cessna ready for its first flight.

Well done Jack. Your first flight went great.

Turk had his flybaby and 

His new Dual ace lined up in the pitts.

The twin OS 55 powered Dual Ace was getting some last minute tuning before an attempt was made to get it airborne.
The wheels proved to be to small for the rough runway and after running into the rugged side of the strip the nose wheel collapsed. A little more work and a maiden flight planned for a few weeks time.

Turk put all that aside and went on to help his brother Gary out with a few flights of his boomerang.

Billy flew his chopper after a few flights of his Boomerang. WOW how many of those boomerangs are out here..

Greg bought out the big guns and 
punished the sky with his enormous 

He decided that bigger was better and prepared his extra for a flogging. 

Following a great flight and and an even better approach to land a sudden wind shear threw his extra onto the deck. Not pretty and totally unavoidable. With surgical precision the engine was parted at the firewall. Couldn't cut it any neater with a knife. Apart from some splayed main undercarriage there appears to be no other damage. Sooo lucky. Start mixing that epoxy. 

Just to add a bit more stress to his day, Greg brought out his auto gyro for a spin.

And UP, UP and

Bugger... Down.. Hey Greg at least that little chopper flew great.

And now for a very nasty safety breach........Can you pick it.......

That's right you picked it.  BOB didn't have any sun glass eye protection on. It's very sunny here in Far North QLD. Better care in future please Bob.

           Michael was finally coaxed into flying his Katana. 

Total concentration

Another great flight Michael.

Being the day for some serious actions. It was soon brought to our attention that The Prez, AKA Anthony, Alias Tony had stocked the esky with............ Bloody soft drink. What the Hell was he thinking. How was the end of day wash up meeting going to pan out.

Note the lone XXXX in the middle Oh and the laddies drinks on the right...

Better effort required here Boss.

Lucky we are very adaptable and could overcome these frustrating issues. The day was sorted and put to bed.

Another great day at CMAC.
See you all next week.