Tuesday, 14 October 2014


An early start at 9.30 am to see if we could beat the wind paid off. A great calm morning with the wind unbelievably staying fine all day.

Trent turned up with all guns blazing. A nice big shade and half a dozen aircraft to try his hand.

With the low winds Anthony decided it was now or never to get that ugly thing into the air after its repaired tail and electrics.

Looks good and ready to go...

   The Take off was sweet and uneventful.

                 No bad habits this time.


All looks good...

A few circuits and then the engine decided
it was time to quit. We think running lean caused
it to over heat.

And then.....

That looks like another bloody ugly wilga i seem to remember. 
They just don't make fuselages like they used to.
Thats 2 wilgas that could only manage a circuit or two. 
Didn't see that limit on the box........

Not to be put off Anthony took out his frustrations on his....... OOH is that a spare aileron i see 

Now this Boomerang of yours flew perfectly...... Hmmmmm

Billy made it an early start as well 
and had a few great flights of his Cap.

Aren't you glad we graded the extra 
width on the main strip....

Billy brought out the big guns. He is doing some training on his warbirds
before he begins crucifying his Mustang.

Keep up the good flying Billy. You are doing well.

Steve getting his Beast the barchie ready for a whipping.

As per usual everyone abandoned steve to fly on his own. We are not game to be up at the same time. Such a great presence in the air.

Its great to watch steve. 
Good to see you out and enjoying your 

Greg was out with his Gyro-copter thingy. It didn't want to fly last time so 
fingers crossed you got it all worked out this time.


                 Ready to go.........

          Looking good on the run up....

It fly's..........At last...

James was out with his ever ready Edge. Flying very nice as usual. 
Could be getting close to getting some Jet time.....

It was great to see Jessie back with his blue Sbach.

Getting some assistance from Curtis..

He sure hasn't forgotten how to fly...

Turk and Billy working out the bugs.  Turk's PT-19 at the ready.

Turks Flybaby is a graceful machine in the air. With the wind low 
i think it may get a fly today.

All eyes are on the Dual ace.
Not sure if it had its maiden or not as i had to leave early.

Bob fueling his Roulette (2) ready for some punishment.

Curtis had his astro hog and extra ready for a good day's flying without the wind.

After last weeks rapid decent on landing leaving Rob's MSX-R with a lame leg it was great to see him back with the aircraft fixed and flying perfectly.

        Rob doing a fantastic job

And look all those landing bugs have gone.

What a greaser of a landing Rob.
You got the touch back.
Good to see.

Hold your head high Billy. After i left you were the only one captured with the regulation Flying report in your hand. Well done. (working on clubman of the year are you) Hehehe

Well with the early start of 9.30 being a winner. I think it will be open for business to all 
who want to get out early. We may be able to now organise a bbq lunch for future days.

With all the changes around the club at the moment, the perz would like everyone to be aware that we
still have to use a bit of common sense when moving around the field. He will email everyone a copy 
of our standing bylaws soon so we can all brush up on them to ensure our safe flying.

See you all next week. 

Saturday, 4 October 2014


Another typical day in paradise... Sun and more bloody wind..........When is this wind going to give it a rest.  It started off gusty and got nice and strong and waited until we were about to call it a day before it eased to a gentle 15knots. Great kite flying weather.

With more grading of the runways the field is taking great shape and with some grass and rain it should be fantastic.

We have had a few visits from Bob who originates in Perth and is traveling around this part of the country.
He is a keen flier and showed us just what an electric biplane can do. That thing had a huge boot full of power and it seamed to fly for ever with those massive batteries it uses. Had everyone looking skyward.

Safe travels Bob..

The Roulette's have increased in number with the arrival of Dennis's new Pc9. Roulette 705 at the ready for its maiden. 

After a bit of engine trouble it was decided to give the maiden flight a miss this week and head back to the hanger for a carby clean and fuel purge. Should be ready for next week. Hope the other 3 roulette's can make it out for a bit of that precise formation flying we are known for. (cough)

James getting his edge ready for another flight. This is proving to be the ever reliable combo we would all like to have. (the engine and plane i mean)


 Anthony got his day started with a fly of his MXS-R.

Trying to settle his nerves before getting his re-vamped Wilga (bloody ugly) ready for a test flight. After a lot of fault finding, the ugly old girl wouldn't play its part. First the opti-kill was playing up and then after the starting issue was bypassed the engine decided to throw a few gremlins into the pie and as they say...That was That. Back into the trailer in disgrace waiting to have more time and work put into it.

Gee i hope it flys good when you do get it in the air. Hehehe

Anthony had to rely on his chopper to punish the air this week.

Rob had his MSX-R ready and was just waiting for the cyclone to ease a little before testing his nerve.

Ready for take off with a bit of coaxing from Michael.  After a great flight the wind proved too much on landing and threw the Msx-r to the ground from 10 feet. A broken prop and one side main wheel made into a retract was the only damage. Come on Rob you love it. Its only glue and time....Ohh and a few bucks..

Jack was showing off again after launching his foamy into the strong wind. A great flight and a greaser of a landing just made you a lot of enemies from most of the club members. Show off.......
Well done Jack you are certainly going to ace that private pilots licence in. You sure have the talent.

Billy had his sbachie airing out all day but with the wind as strong as it was decided to spectate instead of adding to the carnage, Good idea Bill.

  Michael plucked up the courage to send his hanger rashed Katana on another mission only to have a dead stick on take off and make those ever,   on again/off again undercarriage .....Off again....... You gotta love epoxy glue. I am sure that it will fly again soon. Keep up the glue Michael. We love to see you punish that thing. 

Our new member James ( oh how unfortunate) another James. 
I think that makes about a half dozen of them.
Anyway.. Lovingly nicknamed Dum And Dumber, as seen above arguing who is who...

With that sorted out and with the buddy system in place, all is ready to go. A good training flight with positive comments from the instructor James. Student James announced his intentions of doing the take off next week solo. This could be interesting.
Keep up the good work James.  Bugger it  (D1 or D2. Not sure who's who)

Welcome back Turk. It looks like Turk will be doing 3 weeks overseas and 3 weeks here for a while yet. We will have to get the Dual ace and flybaby in the sky.

Thanks again to Irish for the yummy cinnamon and sweet rolls. 
Just because that partner of yours disappears overseas all the 
time doesn't mean you have to stay away. You and your great home cooking are always welcome....
Hehehehe sorry Turk...Pity you don't cook..

With the latest global crisis our security at the field had to be beefed up. You can see the efforts i have taken to keep my Pc9 safe from terrorists. Thanks to the on duty security staff. They take their job pretty serious.

Even on a bad day we have a packed flight line. Thanks for all the support guys.
We are starting to get somewhere....

After another wind swept day, the scrutineering team start to gather for their weekly wash up meeting and some re-oiling of the wind blown parts.

See you again next week......