Wednesday, 23 December 2015

19 December 2015

With the weather looking like it will close us down soon we managed to get the day off to a good start with some great flying.

James had a few misshaps lately and turned up in his wounded car.  

Great sense of humour James and we are so glad those tails are only stuck on.....

Pre flights begin

Barry assembling his hanger.


Bob getting his Cub ready in the pits.

And Bob also keeping a keen eye on the preparation of the BBQ.

More flight preperations

Great to see Ken and his wife Jo back having a look. Hope to see you back flying in the new year.

Anthony getting his Sbachy ready.

Billy and James taking up their spots and Gary thinking this flying stuff is all a joke.....

Jack gets his PC9 ready. Happy Birthday jack. Sweet sixteen today.  Knock off the sweet bit...

Curtis and his astro hog and Extra

Curtis has his extra now powered by a 15cc gas evolution.. Sounds and flys nice.

Good grief .. Sprung with a transmitter in my hand. This is starting to be an often occurrence.
Who'd have thought

Great to see Dennis enjoying his Yak. It did have a bit of a hard landing later on but nothing a bit of epoxy cant fix..

It was a busy pits most of the day trying to beat the oncoming rain.

At last it was BBQ time but the weather had finally closed in and the rain was pelting.
Not to mention the cyclonic winds. Everyone is trying to shade to BBQ to keep it alight.

Well that was it for the year.
Overall a fantastic year of change and more change.
We have our new field which is progressing nicely. We will have a great strip once all this rain settles and we mow it down to size..
Thanks to everyone for your help during the year. We sure have a great time to look forward to next year.

Merry Christmas to everyone. Enjoy the festivities and please stay safe over the holiday period.

Get to work on those new aircraft and maintenance for all those older ones.

I think we are planning a warbirds day for February. Keep you informed on the dates.

Hope Santa brings you lots of new kits. If not I have a couple of good web sites you can get them from...


See you in 2016

Sunday, 13 December 2015

12 December 2015

Another great day of flying at the new field all be it a bit windy.

Only a small turn out of members today but it did increase in numbers as the day went on.

Barry was out early and arranged his usual hanger along the road.

And along the road

And along the road

Oh and a little further along the road......

Barry's nice little electric albatross.

And his homemade wing thing..

Barry was quick to be in the pilots box with quite a number of flights under his belt before the day was very old.

Great to see Bob back out and flying after a very busy working year.
His boomerang flew nicely.

Cameron had his re glued and well tested Sky mule out for some more battles with the sky.

James was test flying his newly purchased aircraft. Here you can see him discussing the
problems he was having with a dumb left thumb. Barry was quick to explain the mystery
behind the notorious dumb thumb event. 

The carnage from another angle.
James your mining rights have been approved....

After giving his thumb a good talking too, he was ready with another candidate oops I mean another
aircraft to conquer.

James "W' had his 2 EDF jets ready to fly.
Sad to report his two are now one.

Billy "N" getting his Boomerang ready to go

James was consisted with his P47. It continues to fly beautifully.

Billy "E" was happy with his F35 EDF but the retracts were not happy to stay down.
I think they are going to become fixed for future flights..

John (alias Jack) sorry Jack I have got to stop saying that, Billy "E" and myself had some great flights with our PC9's.
Rumour has it that the real Roulettes are a little nervous after seeing some of our masterful flying technics. 

And yes shock and horror. I actually had six or seven flights today.
Wow what a change...
My tiger flew well in the windy conditions with no problems.

Another great day was had by all.

Next week we are going to have a sausage sizzle Bbq type thingy at 11.30.
We plan to get to the field a bit earlier approx. 10am have a fly or two then a bite to eat and perhaps some more flying. We also ask that anyone who has any RC gear bits and pieces or planes etc to bring them alongfor a swap and sell day. This is a great time to sell or buy or just get rid of some of the stuffwe tend to hang onto for to long. You might make a couple of dollars or even spend a couple
whatever the case it should be a good day to mark the official end of year for us.

Hope to see you all out at the field next week..

Saturday, 5 December 2015

05 December 2015

Its great to turn up at our new (temporary Field) and gaze over the landscape and not have to worry about the noise and houses.
What a view.
The wind was a bit unkind to us today and gusted about 20 knots.
Not ideal for flying but what the heck.

The flight line was a bit light on with members but we still made it a great day.

Even with the wind Billy "E" had to launch his Pits and give it a flogging.

Anthony threw caution to the wind and blew the cobwebs out of his heli.

And continued on with his foamy and new super slick. All handled the wind fine.

James "P" was adjusting his new Tiger before its maiden.

A Pleasing and successful maiden flight. Well done James.

Our Safety Officer Barry arrived early to set up his hanger.

Some great flights with his very stable Ryan. Looks great in the air.

Hey Barry have you got anything that can fly faster than 10 knots. hehehehe

Great to see Greg back out and flying.

Billy "N" relaxing amidst his hanger  

It was James "B' turn for the walk of shame today with a stall and crunch. Probably time to retire the old girl.. At least his P47 flew well...

Cameron had some great flights of his newly glued Sky Mule...

Amazing.... I do get my aircraft out of the trailer. Here is my latest Phoenix PC9.
Equipped with an OS 55 and mechanical retracts. All was set for a maiden
but the onboard glow was having other thoughts. I will fly new week. hehehehe 

A squadron of Roulettes at the ready....

Well another days flying and how good is it to be on our own field.
Still a little sorting out to do but nothing to much of a drama.

Hope to see you all out next week for a fly.
Saturday the 19th Dec is assigned for a BBQ and fly day More info as we get it.