Sunday, 21 February 2016

20 February 2016


The field was set for our first Warbird day. It might be 46 degrees but that hasn't stopped
everyone from showing up to see the action. A special thanks to the members of Mareeba club
for coming along and making the day a great success.

It was hotter than a Mexican chilly with a humidity of around 95%. The wind was very slight if any but luckily picked up to about 5 knots in the afternoon.

The prez (Anthony) had his Stearman PT17

The MX2

Anthony's Trojan in among the warbirds.

Ash from Mareeba flew hi B17.

Peter from Mareeba had some good air time with his Tiger

Matt Holt from Mareeba had everyone drooling over the site and sound of his Radial engine Corsair.

Full concentration from Matt as he made his approach to land.


 Ivan was having a little trouble trying to ignite his edf F20

Lot more success with his Dragon Lady.

Billy's Mustang was proving a bit difficult to fault find. It appears not have any glow to the plug.

Thought we may have had it fixed but after many attempted starts it was time to stop scratching the head and leave it for another day. Sorry Billy hopefully we can get it sorted before next week.

Curtis started off flying his Extra.

The mustang was next.

 So nice to see flying.

Greg got his thumbs in order with a few flights of his great flying home build.

And now the M.E 109

A few group photo's of the warbirds..

What a great selection of aircraft.

We had the roulettes fly over with Jack and Anthony at the ready. Billy "E" was in the background getting his PC9 ready as well.

Bob getting his Pc9 ready for its final flight.
Unfortunately the thing had a mind of its own and decided to take over and do its own aerobatics and spin swiftly into the cane. Dam..... 

James had his new Trojan out of mothballs and had it taxing around. I think there is a few small things for him to do and it will soon take to the sky. Very nice.

Dennis had his old faithful FW 190 out for a run.

 It looks so nice in the air. A little trouble on the landing means a bit of repair work on the retracts.
No problems with Dennis's Pc9 though. It flys so smooth.

Barry had a few of his foamies out among the other hanger full of aircraft.

Capt Jack had his newly acquired Spitfire fitted with a YS 140 supercharged engine
Unfortunately we didn't have the time to get it set up and ground run. Hopefully next week. 

I had my new mustang fitted with a DLE 55 sitting waiting to have its first engine run and then final balance but the day was to hot and hectic so it just sat there looking pretty.
I also brought along my M.E 109 with DLE55 and on board started but after sitting in the hanger for over a year the engine needed some tuning and the air and fuel lines need changing. So it sat there also......At least they are still in one bit (for now)

A special thanks to Tony Caltibiano for his great efforts in cooking and keeping everyone fed. It sure helped make the day a great one. Thanks again Tony. You are welcome out at the field anytime...

As the day progressed everyone was gathering around and diving into the esky's to see what they could fine to quench the thirst.

As the clouds gathered around Walsh's Pyramid it was time to pack up for another week.

Thank you to all the people who attended and help make it a great day. Thanks Mareeba for coming along, It was great to see you here. You are always welcome to come out for a fly. We will have to come up the hill to see you and do a bit of flying at Adil field. 

Hope to see you all out here next week.