Saturday, 25 June 2016

25th June 2016

                                                                         Another great flying day that started out with the threats of high wind and some showers, However, as per normal, the weather channel got it so wrong.. The day was overcast with a slight breeze that even managed to drop later in the afternoon. A great day for flying.

Barry was quick off the mark and flew his edge profile.

Billy was steadying his shaking thumbs with a few flights giving his Pc9 a flogging.

Before a quick shake down flight of his newly renovated Sbach was put through its paces.

Shock and horror i had half a dozen flights with the tiger..

The Pitts was getting a busy place with the arrival of lots more members.

Ivan spent a lot of time warming up the thumbs.

Turk readying the stick.

Turk had this edge lined up but i don't think it flew toady.

Our new secretary Bryan Carwardine had a quick flight with his American Nightmare elec.
Very aptly named as it was a nightmare in to fly with a bit of breeze happening. 

But that was no problem as he had a few left to chose from in the hanger.

Loving the Pc9 Captain John ohh arr Jack was ripping up the circuit with some great flying
You really have those thumbs working well now jack. Keep it up. Great flying skills.

As per usual, Jack had his maintenance crew ( gary) getting things ready in the Pits.

Billy "N" had his Boomerang out and ready to fly.

James had his rebuilt Yak out and flying well.

James had his Trojan in the pits and ready to blow some cob webs off. It has been ready and sitting for a number of years and i guess today was the day.

Following an engine run and some taxi tests it was time to hold his breath and go for a fly.

Just on rotate the wheels decided to fold back into the wheel wells and that brought the take off to a stop. Lucky no damage except a broken prop. It was found that the air operated undercarriage had to be cycled after the aircraft power was turned on. This was just so that the pressure could be maintained to the down and locked position of the wheels. Following this a successful maiden flight was had only to have the wheels fold up again in mid flight resulting in a belly landing. Again no damage only a few scrapes. Can't wait to see it all sorted and flying again. It was a great thing to see in the air.

Bob had his super super Cub in the air. Wow it sure has plenty of power for a Cub..

Bob aslo had his ugly stick up and running.

Greg flew his Ultimate by plane. 

Curtis had the old faithful extra 300 atthe ready.

His nice new Pc9 with gas 10cc evolution power and retracts.

Michael flew his extreme stick a few times and it remains in one piece ready for another flogging.

Unfortunately Dennis could not get any compression on his Texan due to a stuck valve so that was put back in the hanger and out came his Pc9 for a few flights.

Mike Foster from Innisfail came along and flew his Ugly stick.

A great day today and with the weather gods smiling on us i hope we can have many more good flying days while the temperature is nice and cool.

Lots of plans in the making for the club in this new financial year so hope to see you all out and flying soon.

The new club committee members are.

President:               Billy Ehrke
                       Vice President:       Anthony Macri                  
          Secretary:               Bryan Carwardine
    Treasurer:               Paul Dixon   
All details will be on our website soon  


Saturday, 18 June 2016

18th June 2016

We are back..... After a long 12 week lazy spell the blog is back......

Today was a gathering of members for a general fly and the annual AGM.

The weather was a bit overcast and a steady 15knot South/Eastly breeze. The field looks a picture after all the rain and sun and is starting to work nicely for our flying...

A good turn out on a bit of a lack lustre day..

Barry kicks things off with his nice new Raven

After a little preflight a right Aileron Servo twitching caused Barry to re-hanger the cub for some maintenance and to fly another day.

Barry brought out his newly made Batman powered Delta.

After a bit of re-balancing it flew great.

Neil had his speed air 40 out for a fly.

Turk had a successful maiden flight of his newly acquired Stick.

Jesse was out with his extra 300 for a final flight prior to selling his hanger

A quick attempt at flying with his ducted sniper but the grass and small wheels prevented it getting airborne..

Captain Jack refuelling his PC9 and Boomerang.

The Roulettes are ready.

Captain Grumpy was ready for a Roulettes Flyby.

Even i had a few flights with the Pc9.

The shaded areas were getting a bit crowded with aircraft as Anthony readies his hanger...

Matt Holt from Mareeba club came along to display his DLE 60 powered Extra 

And his magnificent Elec powered Pc 21. These aircraft were displayed with style by Matt with some silky smooth flying..

An unfortunate finish to the days flying occurred after a wayward aicraft being flown by James went out of control and slammed into a parked Sbach of Bryan's demolishing them both. Luckily no one was hurt but the aircraft were beyond repair. This brings on a big alert for our saftey procedures and follow up action is to be taken.

The AGM was held and all topics for the next years activities were discussed.

The office bearers for the 2017 period will follow on a Blog tomorrow.

Thanks again for all who attended and hope to see you out flying next week..