Saturday, 30 August 2014


                                    Another great day at the field......................."for some".................. but that wind generator started early again and it steadily got to an annoying velocity.  Not to be daunted by the wind flying began and the wind tamed.

My (Paul) new Wilga (bloody Ugly 2) sitting on display waiting for its first maiden.

The Wilga fly's. Takeoff was smooth and easy and then.........

A gremlin from another world or maybe just in my skills, something was amiss. Pitchy, unresponsive and down right mindless flying led to a stall and.............

Results of a 300"G" landing.....

                As the wind blew, an air of uncertainty developed and members began to talk of an unknown presence at the field. Talk of spy satellites and unmanned drones was hot on everyone's lips. Could it be the CIA or the Russians trying to invade our space. Hmmmmmm. Something was amiss. The need to explain this tragedy was at the forefront of everyone's thoughts because, of course, It could not of been me or my building skills that caused the crash.

After all the conspiracy theory's had calmed flying resumed without any further incident......

Graeme's new engined Pc9

After trying to adjust the carby, change the plug and even kick the think 
it just would not run correctly and so it was back to the pits. Always next week Graeme.

Trent receiving some instruction from James as he flew his trainer.

Great flying Trent. Successfully going solo and doing a great job. 
Keep up the good work.Trent went on to fly many more successful solo flights.
I might need get some lessons from you Trent.

Curtis had his ever reliable astro hog and his re worked Extra ready for action.

Turk brought out his Dual Ace twin for a bit of engine tuning. It really looks slick and should be pretty quick in the air. Be great to see it fly. Turk has incorporated a set of retracts with longer oleo's for extra ground clearance. Bigger engines means bigger props. 

With both engines running it is soooo sweet to hear them running in sync. Almost makes me want to finish my Caribou and get it out to the field.

 Dennis flew his Yak with ever increasing skills. Great work again Dennis.

Now who is that spy beside you Dennis..
Great to see Rob back out at the field.
Come on Rob, we know you love the chaos..
Get that MXS-R back in the air...

As per flying safety instruction Number 12-4.1 The team gather at the end of the day to discuss the course of the days events.  And there's that guy "Rob" again. I think he enjoys this part of the day too.

See you all next week.  Just remember while you all take it easy this week you only have to clean your aircraft ready for next week while i have to decide what do i build next.......

Saturday, 23 August 2014


A great turnout today as the field begins to take shape. The weather was kind to us all except for the cyclonic winds. I guess it is that time of year so we better get used to the wind.

The club would like to thank NULEAF for their very kind donation of grass seed. We hope to turn our newly graded runways and parking areas
 from this......


                                                    Into this....  

Turk flew his PT-19 which seamed to handle the wind fine. (I am sure that turk would have been happier if he could handle the wind as good as his PT-19) Hehehe

And Turk's flybaby getting ready for more action.

After a late night rushing to finish his trainer Trent finally got to see it fly. Thanks to help of our instructor James it flew perfectly. Keep up the good work Trent. You are doing a great job.

James flew his ever reliable edge and showed that the wind didn't make any difference to his silky flying skills.

Curtis had a line up of his newly decorated Astro hog and the Fieseler Stork. He also tempted fate with his 450 chopper but the wind seamed to make that a little to risky.

Greg had his instructor face on as he watched Billy go through his paces flying for his bronze wings. Billy had his "oh shit" face on but, as it proved, for no reason.

Congratulations Billy "You did it". Another Bronze wing member for the club.

Dennis prepared the FW 190 but the onboard starter had other ideas. No flying today. Hope it wasn't caused by that dodgy soldering on the motor done by that even dodgier club member.

 The Yak was up for a fly and It looked the part.

A very nice sight in the air. Well done Dennis.

It was great to see the return of Pastor Barry a, past member who took a furlow to build his new home. He came to the aid of James and reset James's transmitter with a hand full of expo and that helped hone James's flying skills. Good work both of you.

 Irish had another lesson with James as her instructor. Great flying Irish..When is that solo coming.

Anthony getting his MXS-R ready. It flew well with Anthony giving his engine a flogging. That was just before the engine decided enough was enough and the crankshaft (we think) kinda bent. That put paid to its flying this week.  

It was time for the maiden flight of Anthonys new Wilga. (nicknamed Bloody Ugly) 

It was very hesitant to get into the air but that was only to precede the next few terrifying moments for Anthony. With full back elevator he frantically had to trim full back as well only just to make a very quick landing which resulted in the Exhaust canister being pulled away on landing. Lucky escape.

Anthony trying to coax his Wilga into the air.

After some hasty investigation it appears that the elevator/horizontal tail plain has the wrong angle of incidence and is forcing the nose down.  Some work to be done here before its next flight.

In an attempt to get us all on the same page i have made this plan of our parking at the field. It is only a start to see how it works. If everyone can start to park this way we can then gauge its effectiveness. If anyone has any other ideas please put them forward so we can assess it all.

Another great day at the farm........ See you all next week....

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


The newlook CMAC

Well the field has now been graded and is starting to take shape. Slowly we are getting a field that we can use and call home.

Anthony using his chook feeding skills to spread some grass seed. With a bit of help from some rain
the strip should be nice and firm and smooooth.

Greg and Graeme seem to be doing a pitch report.

The weather was fantastic and it was time to get some flying done.

Curtis showing his flying skills with his aeroplane and new bodied 450 chopper.

Anthony had his Aquila ready for flight..

Up and away...

And down.
The landing was fine but stopping was a bit radical.

Dennis has perfected his bi-plane skills and had the camel flying fantastically.

Billy had another successful flight of his Cap. Getting good now Billy won't be long before we see that Mustang of yours flying.

Ear piercing noise from Greg's massive Blade and Graeme's supersonic Pitts.

The smurk of a silky smooth pilot....

Simon shaping up to learn on his new Boomerang thanks to the great instruction from James.

Turks better Half Irish is ready to take on the demons of learning to fly.

And with James steady hands seams to be doing it easy.

The flight line and all the hard working fliers discussing the day

Well another great day and with the new field taking shape we sure hope that there will be many more to come.   Sorry about the late post of this weeks news but i will try and get the news out by the Sunday after each weeks flying.

See you all next Saturday....