Saturday, 28 March 2015

28 February 2015

           It seams the weather has started to settle down at last the rain is disappearing and so are the dreaded cyclones. The field has done well with the rain and is greening up nicely. Now the mower is getting a good run for our money.. Only wish we could do something with that dam wind. It was around 25-30knots for most of the day but i guess we can't have everything.

                      We had a small crew out to test the air today and it was great to see people return after the break.  First up we have a great aerial shot from Cameron's UAV thingy....

As you can see the field has greened up nice and the strips and car park are looking great.

Cameron readying his Beast ready to take some photos

Taking all the fun out of sunburn by sitting in the shade and doing all the flying.

Cameron also flew his elec twin SkyMule. 

Greg was out with his new Ultimate Bi-Plane ready for its maiden

As you can see, he has kept up with his usual standards in  the building quality area.
Very nice indeed. You must have to much free time Greg. 

It's first flight was a bit hairy with the control rates set as per instructions. After a safe landing and resetting the control throws to half the recommended value the second flight was fantastic.
Very smooth and nice to watch.

James flew his P47 Thunderbolt. After a little bit of carby adjustments it took to 
the sky with ease. Looks really great flying with the wheels up.

Next up Billy (Damien) flew his huge Pits honing his skills getting ready for the 
terror of his warbird flight. The Glamours Glenn will soon be back in the air.
You have to love the Mustangs.

Great to see flying back underway. 

Anthony had a small flight line ready and started with a few flights his Trojan.

His 60 size boomerang flew great even in the high winds. It flew more like
a Pilatus Porter almost flying backwards. It might have been Anthony just showing off
As usual... 

He produced this massive quad copter and WOOW what a great bit of fun.
Don't let the size fool you it flys great and does some amazing flips and stunts.
Anthony tells us that these will be available for us all soon and can be purchased 
for under $50.  What a bargain....

That's an IPhone next to it. Big Huh...

The Club is about toe enter a new phase and the future is looking very bright. We are about to order new shirts with new colours, Hats and even stubby coolers
 (to keep the water bottles cool) are on the way. 
We have a big event at the end of May at the show grounds so watch for more details. 
Love to see you all out and flying again. Dust off those wings and get out and support the club.

See you all next week..