Saturday, 22 August 2015

22 August 2015

                                            Another great day for flying and a good turn out of pilots came to have a go. The wind was a little gusty but nothing like it has been of late. The rain stayed away and it was actually a little humid and warm. Ahhh the end of winter.

The ever reliable Barrie took up lots of tarmac with his hanger load of aircraft.

It was great to see him get all of his aircraft up and flying. His EDF M.E. 262 is great to
see flying. Very fast and sleek.
Billy had quite a lot of air time with his Cap. You are starting to master that thing with
some real greaser landings. Good to see. I think the Spitty and Mustang can't be far away now.Keep up the good work.
The flight line, at times, was quite busy. Here you can see the concentration on their faces.
With the circuit full you had to keep your eyes on the job.
Domenic continues to fly with the aid of Greg and is starting to get the hang of those sticks....

Dennis returned with his now tuned up Yak and after a few minor adjustments was dominating the sky as usual. Good to see you having some uninterrupted flying for a change.

Greg had a few good flight with his nice looking Ultimate. Later in the day the wind started to play havoc and was throwing it around a lot. Discretion was the better part of valour and it was decided that it was time to pack it up and check the esky.. 

After filling the tank and the fuselage of the Pc9 the split fuel tank meant it was a no
fly day for me. 
I guess if you don't have enough aircraft to fly then do as James did. You simply have to break them in half and then you have two.
Not a nice way to end the day but "hey" I am pleased to pass on the 'walk of shame' card to James.
There were many other club members out flying today but I wasn't sharp enough to get the photos.
Hopefully by this time next week we will have the lease to our new temporary field signed up and  we can then set about planning the setup of it.
See you all next week..

Saturday, 15 August 2015

15 August 2015

Well as the weeks race by we are ready for another day of flying and as usual the wind has come along for the day... Not as bad as it has been but still enough to be annoying. 

Even with a windy day predicted and becoming reality lots of club members come along anyway knowing that we can still get some flying in regardless of the conditions.

Billy was all keen to get some more hours up on his Cap with Greg along side with some great words of wisdom. Your doing a great job Billy. Almost warbird time...

Our latest Proud achiever of their Bronze wings was James.
Yep we see it...
Now lets see what you are all about....

Curtis was out with his Astro Hog for a few flights knowing that they might not be as easy having now after the Birth of his Son... Congratulations .... OOOWWW how life is about to change.......

Turk readying his Flybaby for another sky tear up session.

There is a little size difference between the flybaby and his mustang. Both exciting to fly anyway.

Mystery surrounds Turks mangled big toe. As the story goes he dropped something heavy on it but as the club truth comes out it appears to be something completely different.
Turk, not wanting to become headline news and tainted as a hero, had to kick out at a flying full size helicopter blade that had broken free from the helicopter he was fixing. Turk instantly calculated the blades trajectory and knew that it would contact a bus full of young kids heading to the airport. Without any hint of personal safety he struck out with his foot and deflected the blade out and harmlessly away for everyone. Boy what a guy........
Of course there is another story going around about him being as full as the tax departments bank balance and stumbling around in the women's section of Kmart trying to chat up one of the mannequins only to trip and kick his toe on the metal base.
I like that one but the one he is trying to spin is he dropped a heavy BBQ plate onto it.
Yer right.......(you'd never lift something heavy)   You make your own decisions...HEHEHE
Simon getting some instruction for Turk the toe...
Anthony didn't have much luck with his chopper so out it went and into the trailer for something else.
Out come the old Tango.
Boy did it cop a pasting. Sure hate to upset Anthony..
Some heavy concentration happening on the flight line.
I had several great flights with my Boomerang.
This is what happens when you loose control of the thing Slow, and turning in high winds.
I know the walk of shame. Ain't that karma a bitch.
Balsa anyone..
Well we are getting ever closer to securing our new temporary field. Hopefully hear some news this week.
Hope to see you all out next week for some more carnage oooh I mean flying and fun....

08 August 2015

A day that promised a lot of high winds actually turned out to be quite a good day. In spite of the predictions of a bad weather day people turned up and lucky for us the winds were calm. We are getting to know that this place seams to have its own climate so we may as well just try our luck and hope to get a few flights in...

Jesse arrived with his Extra on steroids and was quickly in the air.

Again showing some of those rusty skills he has. (yer right)
Turk had his boomerang and Flybaby out to get some air.

Barrie had his large hanger out and ready starting with his great flying ME262 
Then to the heavens with the lord almighty.. 
Cameron had his foamy hanger out and preflighted  ready to go.

Instructor Greg giving Domenic some handy hands on help...
Greg getting ready for some more knife edge action.
Bob with his new Boomerang 60.
Dennis getting some taxi time in with his new twin engine Mosquito.
This aircraft appears its going to be a handful to fly. All fingers are crossed for you Dennis.
Dennis ready to go with his beautiful 120 Pc9.
No engine power on take off causes the carnage. DAM.
The flight was set to be a good one but the sudden stop had different ideas.
Bugger Bugger Bugger Dennis .. What can we say...
Hey now who's this sneaking in for a fly.......
Great to see Simon back out for a look. Come on Simon we know you want to get back into it....
Well a little carnage and a lot of flying all adds up to another great day.
Hope to see you all out next week..