Saturday, 28 November 2015

28 NOVEMBER 2015


Welcome to the new home of CMAC.


The fantastic aerial Views thanks to Cameron.

Many thanks to all of the members

The safety barriers are up. Still a few things to finish off but we are ready to fly...who helped to get us to this stage.

Many hands make light work


Getting things started was our safety officer Barry.. Our Eagle Eyed Secretary, Billy watching keenly as Barry christened the new CMAC skies.

Barry flew a range of aircraft from his large hanger load. 

The Pawnee was nice in the air.

Cameron parading his nice looking elec powered DC3

Ready for her maiden flight.


Cameron's UAV and skymule standing by.

Curtis with his ever faithful Astrohog

and his Extra. This was before it had some fuel trouble with an air to tank feed nipple breaking from the muffler. Easy fix and no harm done

James had his newly engine P47 out and with a few adjustments to the Retracts took to the air.
Nice to hear the engine running smooth.

Billy "N" had his new boomerang out and ready to go.

The Prez was using all the sky he could with his Radian until a little thing like the Tail
fell off and sent it tumbling to the ground. Lucky it weighs very little so is quite
easy to fix.. Bring on the epoxy....

Neil and Billy "E" enjoying the flying. (and I won't tell you that Billy, Behind those sunglasses was taking a nap.)  OOOps sorry Billy I wasn't going to dob you in.....I will tell all that you are suffering an enormous back pain so you can be excused.....

James "W" brought out his F22

and boomerang

Neil had a boot load of things to fly

He readies his Tiger 60 for flight.

John oops I mean Captain Jack had several great flights of his Pc9. Well done on the flying you are getting very good at the sticks.

Dennis had the old faithful Yak out for a fly and he seamed to like all of the new airspace.
We might have to get those jets ready....

And just to make sure that the field was christened correctly The famous walk of shame
was re-established by other members than me this time.

Here James"P" had a dumb thumb of epic proportions.( I think it is out of range of just epoxy)

No Cameron the DC3 does not turn like a jet. A little epoxy and a few new motor shafts and props and she should be good to go.

Barry I sure loved watching that ME 262 fly. Unfortunately with a control lockout there is not much to do but glue......

It was a great day to start off flying at our new field. Great to see members out and enjoying the flying without the worry of houses and complaints.

This is going to be our home now for the next couple of years until our permanent home in Thompson road is ready for us to take ownership of it. Very exciting times for the Club.
 It has been a long battle for us to move forward but it has all been worth the effort.
The club realises that there are still a few restrictions with some of our flying but this is only temporary and I am sure that with further negotiations with the Council things may be able to relax a little more.
With everyone's cooperation I am very confident that the council will be flexible with us.

Thanks again to all club members and please don't forget to enjoy yourselves and fly.

Hope to see you all out next week.


Hickling Access is a mouthful.