Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Welcome back........

At last the weather seams to be settling down a little. It hasn't been all bad with the rain helping to get the grass growing and stop all the dust. The problem now is keeping the fuel up to the mower to keep the grass from over running the field.  We are never happy..

Looking good...

Now that all the Christmas and new year festivities are behind us
we can concentrate on getting back to a bit of Mayhem..Oops Flying.

A few club members are starting to return and after a long day at the controls of 
the mower our resident workaholic President Anthony was up for a fly.

The Aquila was put through its paces.

 After a few grams of epoxy the Stuka was fixed and ready for some 
more punishment.

Turk had his tarmac full with the Dual Ace, Fly baby and boomerang all rready to go.

It may be old but it sure does like the extra bit of power it now has. Loops and Rolls were no problem for this old girl. ( thats the plane not Turk)

Dennis was in fine form with a great flight of his Yak. The aero's were only 
out done by his smooooth landing. You sure have got those fingers working 
right now Dennis. Rumour has it that the Pc9 is almost ready for its maiden.
Watch this space.........

Billy is enjoying flying his pitts. He is honing his skills in readiness for 
the onslaught of the dreaded Mustang.....Not long now....

Curtis had his Trex out now equipped with a new engine. A bit of tuning and setting up still
to go but it does show lots of promise. 

Curtis had his regular flight line of Astro hog and extra all ready to go.

Well it was a bit short and sweet this week but hopefully we will be back in 
force in the coming weeks. 
I am off to the land of """sheep"""" NZ for the next couple of weeks so it may be a bit quiet here but i will upload all the latest goss as soon as i get back..

Don't forget to take those photos so i can put them up for all to see.....

We may have to start a roster for mowing for those that are interested. 
 We can't have the prez thinking he owns the Toro....
We have had a commercial brush cutter donated to the club and it is
now up and running and will be housed with the mower. The cost was just over $40
to get it up to scratch.

See you all soon.....